Adoption Application

**Please Note**

If you’d like a puppy held for you, then a $50 deposit is required. If you do not pick up the puppy within 7 days you forfeit the deposit and the puppy will be placed back for adoption.

The $50 deposit will be deducted from the total adoption fee upon pick up.
This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE! If you back out on your pup or do not show up for any reason, Your deposit will NOT be returned.

Thank you for your understanding, Good luck and happy adopting!


29 thoughts on “Adoption Application

  1. Rebecca Reed says:

    Trying to submit application and it keeps telling me an error message. I am interested in a female lab mix- Emma, Lola, Zoey. Can you tell me how old they are and how to apply? Thanks!

    • natasha71765 says:

      April has been adopted but I still have her sibling Ava. When doing the app u need to fill everything out or u can’t submit it. If u don’t have an answer for it put n/a

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  3. Ashley says:

    I keep trying to submit my application and have tried 4 times but continue to get an error message. Ive checked everything over and all required fields are filled in and esigned but continue to get the message. Im interested in the heeler mix pups on bonnies Facebook page. Can someone please help?

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