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Bonnie Palella (*Rescue Owner*)


You can contact us at anytime with any questions!


60 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Sherry Kendrew - Bean says:

    Wanted to let you know Ace is doing great and is parasite free. He loves going for rides and visiting family. Last vet visit was up to 13 lbs

  2. Liz Chapman says:

    Hi, was talking yesterday about stopping over today. Can you tell me if you have dogs on site that are adoptable (this site looks like you have several) and I did fill out the application. I am from western Mass so not 100% sure how to get to you. do you have an address I can enter on my phone? Very excited to see your program today!

    • Liz Chapman says:

      Hi – I went ahead and refilled out the application……..can you just let me know when you can see it. Is the like of adoptable pups the accurate listing right now???? They are so easy to fall in love with. I don’t want to look at too many if they are taken already. Thanks so much. Feel free to call me anytime. Thanks again!

  3. Kristen McCray says:

    I emailed my application to Bonnie. I hope it got there but I think I put the puppies I was interested in the wrong order. I really like Rosie and then the new puppy Anna.
    Anyway I know it can take a few days to hear if we are approved, I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. James vermette says:

    I was wondering if you still had Marty and blaze available? If so how much for both not neutered. I got Jr from you a few months ago and my mother inlaw wants 2 pups from you 2 males

  5. Tistrya says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I can find any more info about the pups on your site? I saw all the pictures and names (of ones already named) on your “adoptable pups” link, but was wondering how I would find out guess of breed, age, good with kids, etc? Thanks!!

  6. Chris Ware says:

    Hi..I applied a couple of weeks ago about Digger but sadly (for me anyway) he was adopted. I was wondering about Doves. Do I have to fill out a whole new application?

  7. Ginger says:

    Just a couple of quick questions Bonnie if you don’t mind my asking?
    1. What state and from whom do you rescue your dogs from?
    2. What transport company do you use to get them to NY for adopters to meet them?
    3. Do they see a local veterinarian before they leave the south or when they arrive in NY?

    Any type of info is appreciated. Thanks ~ Ginger

  8. Maureen Drake says:

    I am looking to adopt a Rottweiler puppy to be a companion to our 14 month old female. I would also consider other breed or mix breed puppies or even a young adult as long as it is a med to large dog. Our Maggie is very loving and nonaggressive and we would like to find a pet of similar disposition. We have a large house, large fenced in yard and live near a dog park. We would love to meet a pup or dog when you have them available. We are just over the border in Massachusetts and would be able to visit most afternoons. Thank you

  9. Amber worth says:

    Hello, ive been looking on your facebook page and noticed you have some lab bulldog mixes i am intereted in. Wondering how i go about the process and about when they would be ready

  10. Amber worth says:

    I filled out the application online. Please
    Let me know if you received it and if you need any other additional information. Thank you!

  11. Jenny says:

    Do you have any small bread puppies , looking for a shitzue mixes . My daughter wants one for her birthday which is coming up in August.

  12. Kathy Dawson says:

    Brittnay & Chris just brought in their puppy they got from you this weekend. I just lost my chocolate lab a month ago and am waiting for the ‘right puppy’ – They tell me you have one girl left, Priscella? I would really like a bit more info on her, and am VERY interested. If she is still available I can fill out your application. My daughter is a veterinarian (large animal only) and I have always had dogs…I live in Vermont and have a fenced yard – and a dog door to allow access inside/outside anytime. Please let me know a few more details, like do you have any idea what her size might be (approximate….my Rocky was 106 lbs and not fat!)…is she half Golden? (love goldens and labs), any info would be helpful.
    Kathy J Dawson
    530.409.5451 (California cell but live in Barre VT now)

  13. Angelique says:

    Hello I am in search of chihuahua puppies I would like to know if you have any available or could point me in the right direction thank you for your time

  14. micheleln says:

    How will I know if my application has been approved!? Never heard back since filling out application. Do I just ask when I see a dog I am interested in?

  15. Rebekah says:

    Hi there. We are super interested in the 8 wk lab/hound with the white streak 🙂
    I filled out an app already.
    We’ve been looking to adopt a puppy for awhile now and this little one would be a perfect addition for us.

  16. JackieLynn says:

    We are looking for a female corgi puppy.
    Do you ever get any or know where we could find one? We don’t want to pay an extreme amount.
    Thanks a lot

  17. Kathy Dawson says:

    Bonnie, I implore you to PLEASE take my phone number off your google page. I get at least one call a week, usually three or four, and for awhile it was okay I just explained the situation but it has now become very annoying. I have informed you of this several times and you ignore my plea. What can I do to get you to fix this mess?????
    Kathy J Dawson

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