Adoption Process (How it works!)

The Adoption Process

How it works!

First things first, If you don’t already know…all of our adoption fees are $275 unless otherwise stated!

STEP 1:  Fill out an adoption application under the application tab! Please be sure to fill out EVERYTHING do not leave anything blank. If the question does not apply to you then please put N/A for your answer.

STEP 2: We will start processing your application and calling your references! Please note that the time it takes us to process your application depends on your references and how soon we can get a hold of them! Please make your references aware we will be calling

STEP 3:We will make our decision if you are approved or denied based on the info you put on your application and the information we get from your references!

STEP 4: We will send you an email to let you know weather your application has been approved or denied so please be sure to check your email! 🙂

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you chose us for your new family member! Thank you for your support! ♥ We look forward to adding you to our One Love family!

Once approved, You may send your deposit to Bonnie by PayPal,
Please let us know after you send your deposit!



13 thoughts on “Adoption Process (How it works!)

  1. Joannah says:

    I filled out an application. I am just curious as to if it was received. I was hoping for a confirmation email but I never received one.
    Thank you for taking the time.

  2. Judith Heath says:

    Where are you located? Considering fostering. I had dogs for 35 years and have not had one in awhile. Home more now and visiring my neighbor’s dog really makes me happy.My health care provider feels “pet therapy” would be great as I love all dogs.

  3. Kimberley Ostrobinski says:

    My son got a lab shepherd mix in March , and I was wondering if you have any left from that litter or could get another like her . She’s a beautiful dog and we just love her . She was brown/ silver with white on her chest and a few paws were white . We love her markings

  4. Wayne Garon says:

    Hi Bonnie.
    I had filled out an application this past December and was approved for a puppy back then.
    I then was switching jobs and didnt want the pup to be stuck in the house all day not knowing what my hours would be so I did not take that puppy.
    I broke my leg in January and just getting back to 100% i am very interested in the female Britney spaniel . Will I have to fill out another application or am I still on file?

  5. Lisa Mendel says:

    Hi. I filled out an application a couple weeks ago. I am interested in a dog that is a bit older, maybe 2+ years. I have another rescue dog who doesn’t get along with a lot of other dogs. We would need to meet her potential new best friend first. Thanks. Lisa

  6. Joe Whitaker says:

    Hi, I filled out an application and got approved but the dog I was looking at wasn’t available anymore and was wondering what dogs were available.

  7. Kim Sacco says:

    I was just checking to see if I was approved. I filled out my application a while ago, but haven’t gotten an email. I know you’re extremely busy. I’d love ANY of your pups. So grateful for the work you do♥️🐾

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