Adoption Process (How it works!)

The Adoption Process

How it works!

First things first, If you don’t already know…all of our adoption fees are $275 unless otherwise stated!

STEP 1:  Fill out an adoption application under the application tab! Please be sure to fill out EVERYTHING do not leave anything blank. If the question does not apply to you then please put N/A for your answer.

STEP 2: We will start processing your application and calling your references! Please note that the time it takes us to process your application depends on your references and how soon we can get a hold of them! Please make your references aware we will be calling

STEP 3:We will make our decision if you are approved or denied based on the info you put on your application and the information we get from your references!

STEP 4: We will send you an email to let you know weather your application has been approved or denied so please be sure to check your email! 🙂

STEP 5: A $50 deposit is required for us to bring the pups down for adoption day. This is required so that we know you are serious about the adoption. This fee is deducted from your total amount of the adoption fee. This is non refundable so if for any reason you don’t show up to get your pup or back out after the pups have already left for transport your $50 fee will NOT be refunded. We have had too many people backing out on adoptions and making pups have to make not just one trip from SC to NY but also another trip back…This is not fair to the pups it dose NOT just stress them out it also makes them lose out on other potential homes. We thank you for your understanding!
After your application is approved and your $50 deposit has been made we will then make arrangements with you and set a day and time for you to pick up your new four legged family member!! ♥

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you chose us for your new family member! Thank you for your support! ♥ We look forward to adding you to our One Love family!

Once approved, You may send your deposit to Bonnie by PayPal,
Please let us know after you send your deposit!



6 thoughts on “Adoption Process (How it works!)

  1. Joannah says:

    I filled out an application. I am just curious as to if it was received. I was hoping for a confirmation email but I never received one.
    Thank you for taking the time.

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